Sunday, 1 April 2012

Enjoy A Cheap Holiday Cruise

by don peterson

Have you every thought about where you would really love to spend your vacation? Maybe you want a cheap holiday vacation, but you certainly don't expect it to be cheaper than $1000 for you and your family. You may never have thought of a cruise of the Greek Isles. This would be a wonderful cruise with stops in Athens, Bari, Corfu, Crete, Dubrovnik, Katakolon,...
Santorini and Venice. Consider planning a seven day cruise around a holiday. The Greek Isles are so beautiful any time of year, but you should leave around Easter or Memorial Day, in order to get a cheap holiday.

In Venice, Italy, one thing you will surely be impressed be is the Saint Marcus Square. It is a truly unique and fascinating place to visit. After you have seen Saint Marcus Square as well as the Saint Marcus Church, located in the Saint Marcus Square, you can then take a Venetian boat ride in the Grand Canal under the famous Rialto Bridge. It will definitely be a day to enjoy and remember.

When you arrive in Athens don't expect to see men wearing togas walking the streets. Places you should pay a visit are the Acropolis and the Constitution Square also known by the name Syntagma Square. The city of Athens is both modern and ancient at the same time. Gazi is the hip new area of the city with crowded taverns, bars and clubs.

If you want to avoid tourist crowds then December till the end of March is the best time of year to visit Athens. Keep in mind though that some restaurants or tourist attractions may be closed during the off season period. July, August and September are the busiest months. During this period everything is more expensive in Athens, especially in the tourist areas. If you want to have a good time and enjoy nightlife then summer is definitely the right time for you to visit Athens.. People from all over the world come here to enjoy themselves. You will experience Greeks dancing the sirtaki and drinking ouzo. You will enjoy yourself in Athens before returning to the cruise ship.

Your cheap holiday will certainly be a fantastic one and will definitely leave you wanting more. Because of the reasonable price for a Greek Isles cruise The greatest thing about a cruise holiday is that you never have to spend valuable time looking for accommodation.

You can have a great time on the cruise ship as well. They have entertainment and you can enjoy a wide range of fun activities. You might even enjoy a day on the deck with a warm sea breeze blowing gently across your face.
Why wait any longer for the next cheap holiday. The cheap Greek Isle cruises are very posh and with the beautiful interiors, you will enjoy the cruise vacation more joyfully.

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